Crowdfunding Transfer Agent Services

Crowdfunding describes the practice of raising funds for a small venture or startup by collaborating with entrepreneurs and investors through the use of crowdfunding websites. In the event of securities based crowdfunding, startup businesses seeking equity crowdfunding from investors allow for returns in investment income or additional dividends. In order to stay compliant with SEC regulations, it is essential to have a crowdfunding transfer agent to assist with raising capital through crowdfunding.

At Colonial Stock Transfer, we provide crowdfunding transfer agent services for Reg CF, Reg A+, 506C offerings through the use of an innovative medium that lets crowdfunding issuers take advantage of cost savings for the management of securities-based crowdfunding transactions. Some of the benefits of using Colonial Stock Transfer for your company’s crowdfunding services:

  • Professional Transfer Agent: Provide your investors peace of mind, knowing that an independent, professional transfer agent that has been in business for nearly 30 years is managing your stock. This should greatly increase your ability to attract investors.
  • Safe Harbor Protections: Issuers can rely on the SEC safe harbor exemption when they engage Colonial as their SEC registered transfer agent, limiting potential liability from regulators and investors.
  • Cost Savings: Our crowdfunding solution allows issuers to save significantly on startup and on-going shipping and processing fees with the elimination of physical stock certificates.
  • Electronic Stock Certificates: Positions can be verified by shareholders online. Avoid shipping and lost certificate fees associated with issuing physical stock certificates.
  • First Class Service: Live representatives provide support directly to issuers and shareholders on a personalized basis.
  • Increased Issuer Networking: Our staff has extensive experience working with the investment and banking industries as well as the transfer agent and brokerage industries. From processing an online request to after hours inquiries, we can expertly provide you with quality service and advice guaranteed.
  • Registered EDGAR Filing Agent: Colonial Stock Transfer is an SEC registered EDGAR filing agent that can help you with your crowdfunding filings such as Form C, Form C-AR, Form C-TR, and Form ID.

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